Heroes Partnership
Partnering Private and Public Sector Heroes is Our Best Defense
How can you help?

Provide expertise, services and equipment .....

Contribute financially to support training and preparedness ....

Share disaster planning guidance with municipalities and businesses that may not have the expertise....

Rethink your preparedness and the safety of your business, staff and infrastructure....

Display public safety messages where your consumers can see them (websites, store windows)  ....

Help spread the Heroes Partnership message to peers, partners and staff.    

For a password to the message forum  (under development)

email us at:  HeroesPartnership@Gmail.Com




Welcome to the Heroes Partnership

Terrorists and terrorism have raised the stakes for business disaster preparedness.

Disaster recovery and risk management have always been a part of business planning. What has changed is the type and magnitude of the threats we now face. We all live with the possibility of these threats -- particularly those of us that live in major cities or the communities around them. 

I am a former corporate CIO and now Global Director of Security and Business Protection for a major media network. Corporate risk often falls to us as IT and security professionals to manage. I have organized the Heroes Partnership as a call to action for all responsible business leaders. We need to add our strength to public sector prevention and preparedness efforts and work together if we are to assure the safety of our business and our communities.  By mid year we hope to invite key corporate sponsors to join as founding members and establish an operating board in support of this effort. If interested in lending support as a sponsor or are interested in taking an active role as a board member please contact me by email.

The mission of the Heroes Partnership is to:

As businesses we have resources, reach and expertise that can be of enormous value to Police, Fire, Health and Public Safety. Supporting the preparedness efforts of the public sector whether through supplied expertise, resources, services or dollars, makes good business sense. 

Recovery is not the option we want to depend on. Prevention through preparedness is our best defense. Our public sector heroes are doing a tremendous job, but the task is monumental. Let's help them be their best where we need them the most.